Trinity Computer Company, LLC is dedicated to providing the best support in the industry. This page contains some of our frequently asked questions for quick easy answers to common questions. Need more info? Feel free to contact us directly!

  1. I am wanting to place an order but am concerned with security. Is your site secure?
     -  Absolutely. In addition to using a Comodo SSL certificate to encrypt all data being transferred, we utilize some of the most powerful data encryption available. Every bit of personal information associated with your order is encrypted with several unique multi-tiered algorithms for your security. Our proprietary data encryption process vastly exceeds US Military standards and is guaranteed to be imposible to crack. Even in the unlikely event of a database breach, it would take IBM's Watson super computer in excess of 100,000 years to decrypt a single field. Since every database field is encrypted with a unique code, the chances of anyone being able to access your information is zero.
  2. What about my email address and phone number? Do you share those with anyone?
     -  No. We NEVER sell, share, or otherwise distribute any of your information with any third parties. Never.
  3. How can I make my PS4 faster?
     -  You have three options. You can buy the right hard drive, back up your data, install the new hard drive, and re-initialize the PS4 system...You can also try our hard-drive "swap" program. It's super easy, secure, and hassle-free. The third option is to buy one of our new models from the Products page.
  4. Why wouldn't I just do it myself?
     -  Because we test everything with extreme prejudice. It's the only way to be absolutely sure the product is worthy of our brand.
  5. Can I build my own computer?
     -  Sure you can! We can make a complete DIY kit for anything you need. Just let us know what your ideal situation is, and we'll do our best to make it happen. The real value of our computers is the way it's set up, though.
  6. Can I layaway a gaming computer?
     -  Yes. I think we could manage some type of arrangement. 200 down plus 4 equal payments. Whatever product you're looking for won't ship until the balance is paid in full, but we'll do our best to have it ready to ship the minute we're even.
  7. Should I choose Windows 7 or Windows 10?
     -  I've answered this question a 1,000 times it seems. Personally, I feel that underhanded business tactics should not be supported in any way. With that said, Windows 10 users will be subject to a monthly fee eventually. Windows 7 is the perfect bridge until it's time to make the move to Linux. My best guess is about Christmas of 2017. This is my own personal preference mind you...but I think the wide array of applications I use will be fully debugged and developed by that time on the system I'm moving to. Probably Ubuntu, but like all things Trinity...We test it, first. I think the real future of tech is being less-invasive and not the other way around. People have had enough, and it's partly why we became what we did.
  8. Why is my computer lagging so much?
     -  Usually, not always, though...When a user installs programs the default settings are to be "always" on. This means that for programs running in the background until you need them is just subtracting from your rig's potential. I have a video on how to deal with this issue, but I haven't released it yet.


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