Nuclear Computers
& Consoles
We offer a proven method of streamlined performance. A tested blend of hardware and software, to get the most out of whatever budget you may be in. Our 'Nuclear' PS4 units offer increased storage and performance over stock - and all of our machines are tweaked to the max so you can take your game to the next level at an affordable price. From our entry level H1 to our insane deca-core Lr103, we have a PC for every budget and need!
We are currently developing a VR ready entry level computer, as well as amazing VR content. High on the priority list is the 2017 version of the Death Star "Trench Run", Intimidator 305 Roller Coaster ride, the "Slick Rock" mountain biking trail in Moab, and a golf course "experience". We are exploring these areas to become an industry leader in VR content that's totally fun to experience. Stay tuned for details & announcements.
Trinity CPU is a family run business built from the ground up on the philosophy of providing you with the 'best bang for your buck'.

Not only do all of our products come with an unconditional 5yr warranty, but we also offer unbeatable tech support based right here in the USA. Our dedicated staff actually answers the phone and, unlike most tech support options, we actually speak english - accent neutral!


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